Kailasa Paramparagatha

Mahanirvani Peetham


Mahanirvani Peetha Sarvajnapeetha is the oldest apex body of Hinduism – Sanatana Hindu Dharma originating from the Kailaasa Paramparagatha (tradition). From its original founder Bhagavān Śrī Paramaśiva to Kapila, Kriśna, Śankara, and currently The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Bhagavān Śrī Nithyananda Paramaśivam, the history of the Mahanirvani Peetha Sarvajnapeetha represents authentic Hinduism.

Mahanirvani Akhada  & Its Structure

Akhāḍās (also called Akharas) form the core body of the Hindu tradition. They are the oldest and largest Apex body of Hinduism. As of now at least 1 million dedicated Sādhus (saints) live under the Akhada Parishad, which is the apex council body of Hinduism with a democratic selection structure of its spiritual leaders, where all the fourteen Akhadas are members.

14 Akhāḍās are accepted widely as mainstream Akhāḍās, but there are many minor Akhāḍās affiliated to these, which function as their sister organizations or subsidiaries, carrying the ideological connection yet having their independent identity.

Allahabad or Prayag was the spiritual headquarters of the Mahanirvani Peetha where Sri Kapila Mahāmuni’s Māhā Jīvasamādhi (final enlightened resting place) is located. Haridwar is the current spiritual headquarters.

The Divine Lineage

Mahanirvani Peetha Sarvajnapeetha has a lineage of divine, enlightened beings who created the enlightened ecosystem, founded and organized the Akhada, and are now leading the Mahanirvani Peetha.

The lineage begins with from Sri Paramaśiva, including Siva Ganas, incarnations like Śrī Kapila Mahāmuni, Sri Ādi Śankarācārya and Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.

Sri Ādi Śankarācārya is an incarnation of Paramaśiva, who assumed the body in the 8th century. He organised and unified the main thought currents (Truth threads) that exist within Sanātana Hindu Dharma, in the form of various traditions or Sampradāyas called Akhāḍās.

About Mahanirvani Peetham

Naga Sadhus (Ascetic Warriors)

Nāgā Sādhus (Ascetic Warriors)Life of the Nāgā Sādhus (Ascetic Warriors) Nāgā Sādhus of the Mahānirvaṇi Akhāḍā(top) Nāgā Sādhus at Kumbh...

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Peshwai and flag-hoisting

Peshwai And Flag-HoistingBefore the beginning of the Kumbh Mela, the various Akharas enter the city in a ceremonial procession known as...

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Mahanirvani And Its Structure

Mahanirvani Akhāḍā And its StructureBackground of the Mahanirvani Akhāḍā Akhāḍās (also called Akharas) form the core body of the Hindu...

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The Reviver and Organizer

The Reviver and OrganizerSri Ādi Śankarācārya is an incarnation of Paramaśiva, who assumed the body in the 8th century. He organised and...

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Organiser of Akhada

Organizer of AkhāḍāsLord Śrī Kapila Mahāmuni, the organizer of Akhāḍās - glory and lineage Incarnation of Paramaśiva and Lord Viṣṇu, from...

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FounderBHAGAVĀN ŚRĪ PARAMAŚIVA Paramaśiva, the Cosmic Source and ultimate Divinity, started the lineage of Akhāḍās with the ascetic...

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The Kailasa Paramparagatha (Tradition)

Kailasa Nation

KAILASA is the Revival of the Ancient Enlightened Hindu Civilizational Nation which is being revived by displaced Hindus from around the world.

Though the KAILASA movement is founded in the United States, and spearheaded by members of the Hindu Adi Shaivite minority community, it is created for, and offers a safe haven to all the world’s practicing, aspiring or persecuted Hindus, irrespective of race, gender, sect, caste, or creed, where they can peacefully live and express their spirituality, arts, and culture free from denigration, interference and violence.

Supreme Pontiff of Kailasa

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam (JGM) His Divine Holiness (HDH) Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam who is recognised and declared as “The Incarnation of Paramasiva”, as “Bhagavan” and bearing the title “Jñāna Vijñāna Cakravarti”  (Accepted by all the Hindu kings as the Emperor or Supreme Ruler) of the Pīthas (spiritual Hindu kingdoms) and the Sāmrājyas (States) is the coronated leader of “Kailaasa” consisting of these clearly demarcated ancient, indigenous, aboriginal and religious, State and Spiritual Hindu Kingdoms mentioned.

News and Updates

KAILASA Recognizes World Diabetes Day

KAILASA recognizes World Diabetes Day, with unwavering commitment to increase access to vedagmic health care facilities for tackling diabetes and build a future in which people with this particular health condition live fully, without pain and impediments, and...

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SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam’s Diwali Blessings

Let Paramashiva manifest completely, in every one of us and radiate all the auspiciousness. Blessings to everyone - Shubh Deepavali - \'sarve bhavantu sukhinah\'. Watch the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam\'s message on Diwali here:...

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National Anthem

National Anthem in Devanagari Script श्री कैलासोन्नत द्वादशान्त श्यामलापीठारूध। श्री मीनक्षी सुन्दरेश्वराभिन्न स्वरूप। परशिव पुत्ररत्न कुमार। गुरुमन्य तुल्यवतार। श्री पार्वती स्थन्यपानलब्ध दिव्य ज्ञान विश्रुत। सकल निगमागमसार भूत। द्राविड वेद प्रवक्तृ। श्रीमत् परमशिव...

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Akashic Readings on the Ananda Lingam

Translation: People of India, do listen. Listen well. India is the biggest spiritual land where Enlightened beings happen again and again, flower as Enlightened beings and benefit the entire world. We cannot afford to lose only Bharatham. We cannot lose the...

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8 Ways To Tackle COVID – Revelations from Devi Parashakti

Translation: Raising in Omkara, blossoming as Shiva Shiva, manifesting as Source of Existence, Powers of Existence, Expression of Existence, From the Oneness of Om blossoming into 2 as Pragadhi and Purusha, blossoming as 3 shathis-ichcha, kriya, jnana, growing as 4...

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Nation Profile

Population: 100 million Adi Shaivites; 2 Billion practicing Hindus Language: English, Sanskrit, Tamil Religion: Sanatana Hindu Dharma (i.e. Hinduism) Ethnic Groups: 56 original Vedic nations in South Asia as well as a global Hindu Diaspora...

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Maha Paramashivaratri 2021 Message

Kailasa had a grand celebration of Paramashivaratri in the presence of the 1008th Living Incarnation of Paramashiva and devotees from all over the world joined the celebrations and received the blessings of Paramashiva. Paramashiva’s message directly from KAILASA: As...

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44th Jayanthi Celebrations

44th Avatara Dinotsava of The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam was celebrated by millions of Hindus across the world. The Supreme Pontiff welcomed the important persons who joined the...

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New Year 2021 Message & Mission Day Statement

Paramashiva’s message directly from KAILASA: Manifest peace in your being level, powerfulness in your doing - will level, intensity in your action. This is the most important powerful royal secret to manifest success in life. Work more and more to have peace in your...

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Economics of KAILASA

Framework for a Dharmic Economy as per the Agamas of Paramashiva The world’s economy today is saddled with fiat currency where a small group of people in the governance layer control the production and value of currency, and where banks, third party enforcers, and the...

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Karthigai Deepam Blessings & Celebrations

On the auspicious occasion of Karthigai Deepam 2020, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda  Paramashivam delivered Paramashiva’s message directly from KAILASA: \"On this most auspicious...

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The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagadguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness

Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

About the Reviver

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam is the reviver of KAILASA – the ancient enlightened civilization, the great cosmic borderless Hindu nation. The SPH is an Avatar from, and is a Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism. The SPH has made the science of power manifestation, Yoga and temple based universities for humanity.

The SOVEREIGN ORDER OF KAILASA led by The SPH and NITHYANANDA ORDER of monks, nuns and Hindu diaspora are working for global peace and to give a superconscious breakthrough to humanity.

NITHYANANDA HINDU UNIVERSITY (world’s largest) with extended campuses in 150 countries is collecting, organising, preserving, time capsuling, decoding, spreading and reviving 20 million source books of Hinduism and the 64 sacred arts and sciences like Ayurveda, music, dance, sculpting, astrology, Vastu.

SPH is the 293rd Guru MahaSannidanam of Shyamalapeeta Sarvajnapeetham (ancient apex body) & 203rd Emperor of Suryavamsa Surangi Samrajyam (Kingdom). SPH has survived the worst persecution of multiple assassination attempts on person and character by anti-hindu elements.

The United Nations recognized the persecution on The SPH Nithyananda & KAILASA: https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/HRBodies/CEDAW/DGD24June2021/51.docx