Simhasth Kumbh Mela, Ujjain (2016)

Sri Mahant Swami Narendragiriji, the President of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad (All Indian Council of Akhadas) traditionally welcomed by His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam during the inauguration of the largest spiritual gathering on planet – the Kumbh Mela, Ujjain dated 16th April 2016.

Consecration of the Deities at Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva Temple, Ujjain

15th April, 2016: The SPH consecrates the Nithyanandeshwara – Nithyanandeshwari Deity at the temple in the Ujjain Kumbh Mela premises.

16th April, 2016: The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism arrives at the Mahanirvani Akhada premises at Kumbh Ghat, Ujjain. He is greeted by the Mahamandaleshvars and given special honors.

16th April, 2016: The SPH blesses all the visitors to the Kumbh Ghat to receive his blessings.

Large Crowds Gather at the Premises of The Supreme Pontiff of HInduism at the Kumbh Ghat in Ujjain

15th April, 2016 – 25th May, 2016: More than 5000 people attended the 48-day program called “Shuddhadvaitam” at the Simhasth Kumbh, where they were initiated by The SPH into more than 400 extraordinary Shaktis (powers) or Paramashiva. Apart from this, more than 1 lakh subjects of the Mahanirvani kingdom would visit the premises daily for blessings from The SPH.

Peshwai – Entering The City of Ujjain

18th April, 2018 – The SPH enters the city of Ujjain in a grand and colourful procession across the city. Subjects of the Kingdom gather in large numbers to welcome Him. A dazzling display of deities also accompanies his entry into the city, with the presiding deity of the Mahanirvani Akhada – Sri Kapila Muni – at the forefront.

Meeting with and Felicitating other Sadhus of the Mahanirvani Akhada

21st April, 2016: The SPH visits Mahanirvani Akhada’s camp and meets with the other Mahmandaleshvars to discuss the affairs of the Kingdom.

21st April, 2016: A traditional feast (Bhandara) organised at the Mahanirvani Akhada camp to welcome The SPH and all his Sanyasis to Ujjain.

25th April, 2016: The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism meets with and blesses the many Sadhus and Sanyasis who visit the Nithyanandeshwari temple to receive his blessings.

Royal Procession on the way to the first Snaan (Royal Ritualistic Bath in the sacred river Kshipra) of the Kumbh Mela

22nd April 2016: The SPH, along with Sanyasis of the Nithyananda Tradition, and the Naga Sadhus of the Mahanirvani Akhada, on their way to the first Snaan (the first of three ritualistic dips in the sacred river Kshipra).

22nd April, 2016: The SPH, along with the Sanyasis (monks) of the Nithyananda Sampradaya (tradition) attend the first Snan – the first of three auspicious dips in the river Kshipra which is the highlight of the Kumbh festival.

“Snaan means showering your inner and outer space with completion. 5000 years before Vedic Rishis established that water has memory. When thousands of enlightened masters stand in that water, it becomes nectar forever. Fears are completed and leave your system when you enter that water. Desires are fulfilled and patterns are burnt away; new Kundalini Energy awakens in your system.”

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

Inaugurating the Nithyanandeshwari Temple at Kumbh Ghat, Ujjain at Kumbha Mela

23rd April, 2016: The SPH inaugurates the Nithyanandeshwari Temple at the Kumbh Ghat at Ujjain

Mahamandaleshvars of the Mahanirvani Akhada make their way towards the final Shahi Snaan of the Kumbh Mela

21st May, 2016: The SPH goes on a final procession for the third and last Shahi Snaan of the Ujjain Simhasth Kumbh Mela. He is accompanied by the Mahamandaleshvars of Mahanirvani Akhada. The Subjects of the kingdom all gather and crowd around The SPH, seeking blessings on the auspicious occasion.

Anna Daan

Free Medical Camp offered to all those who visited the Nithyanandeshwari temple in Ujjain

Deities At the Nithyanandeshwari Temple, at the Kumbh Ghat, Ujjain

A stunning installation of deities at the premises of The SPH at the Ujjain Kumbh Mela.  Daily worship was performed to the deities, with more than a lakh subjects of the kingdom visiting the temple daily to receive their blessings. Each deity was personally consecrated and energised by The SPH.

VIP Visits

26th April, 2016: Bhupendra Singh Ji, State Minister, receives the blessings of The SPH and addresses the subjects gathered.

27th April, 2016: The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism enjoys visiting with honored guests Makhan Singh Ji and Bibranshu Ji

27th April, 2016: The SPH also meets Morari Bapu, an exemplary spiritual teacher and writer.

20th May, 2016: The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism is visited by the Birla Family – one of the top industrial families in India.

Bandara for Sadhus

5th May, 2016: The SPH organises a grand Bandara for the Sadhus gathered at the Kumbh Mela. A Bandara iis a traditional Hindu feast, typically served to wandering sadhus. It is customary during the Kumbh Mela to host Bandaras for the Sadhus who gather from all over the country to this festival.

Mandala Process

Daily Mandala Sessions conducted by SPH: Thousands were initiated into more than 400 Shaktis (mystical powers) of Paramashiva. The SPH initiated everyone into expressing these divine powers through an ancient and sacred process called the Shivoham Process. The initiates were all seated in a Mandala, a circular figure representing the cosic geometry with The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism in the very centre. He transmitted these powers to all seated in the Mandala through a combination of visualisations and sounds.

Power Manifestation Demonstrations

19th April, 2016: Balasants (Child-monks) of the Nithyananda Gurukul demonstrate the extraordinary powers of the third eye by reading blindfold in front of the crowd, through the third eye.

26th April, 2016: A Balasant (child-monk) of the Nithyananda Gurukul demonstrated third eye reading through the initiation she has received from The SPH at a young age.

30th April, 2016 – Disciples and Balasants (child-monks) of SPH demonstrate third eye reading to the visitors at a special Kalpataru Program at Kumbh Ghat, Ujjain.

21 December 2016: The Honored Gathering of Sri Pancayati Akhada Mahanirvani at the Dhyanapeetha Matha, Bengaluru

21 December 2016: The Honored Gathering of Sri Pancayati Akhada Mahanirvani at the Dhyanapeetha Matha, Bengaluru. Seated at the center is The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, along with the senior spiritual leaders (Mahāmanḍaleśvars) and Mahants – (left) Sri M. Vishvanath Giri ji, Sri Ravindra Puri ji, Sri Śivanarayana Puri ji, Sri. Krishna Giri ji; (right)  Sri Yamuna Puri ji, Sri Ravindra Giri ji, Sri Ramasevak Giriji, Sri Gangasagar Bharati.

21 Dec 2016 – The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism gives the traditional honor to the august gathering of all the Mahāmanḍaleśvars of Mahānirvaṇi Akhāḍā

23 Dec 2016: The various religious leaders of the Mahānirvaṇi Akhāḍā offer the traditional respects of crowning The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism on the hallowed occasion of His birth star celebrations affirming and upholding the religious kingdom under the reigns of The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism for the ultimate benefit of humanity, at the Dhyanapeetha Matha, Bengaluru.

(From left): Sri Ravinder Puri, the secretary (Sachiv) Of Mahānirvaṇi Akhāḍā, (center) Mahamdaleshwar Prakharji Maharaj in close discussion with The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, about the responsibilities for the Northern kingdom.

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism continuously meeting and upholding the responsibilities for the kingdoms under Mahānirvaṇi Akhāḍā. Meeting with various spiritual leaders – Kashi Sumeru Peetha Śankarācārya Narendrananda Giri and (right) Mahant of Machhali Vandar Math, Varanasi (15 July 2016).

07 July 2016: The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism meeting with various spiritual leaders of the Mahānirvaṇi Akhāḍā and attending the traditional food ceremony ‘Bhanḍārā’.

04 April 2016: The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism meeting and congregating with various spiritual leaders (Mahants) and Sādhus of the Mahānirvaṇi Akhāḍā.