Temples of Mahānirvaṇi Akhāḍā

Alopidevi Temple, Allahabad

Alopi Devi Mandir is a temple situated in Aloppibah in Allahabad in the State of Uttar Pradesh, North India. It is near the Holy Sangam or confluence of the three sacred rivers GangaYamuna and the legendary Sarasvati. The Kumbh Mela festival happens near this place. 


The shrine is a simple but aesthetically built structure. The conical roof is similar to the temple architecture of the region. This temple is peculiar in that there is no statue of any deity in this temple, rather, there is a wooden carriage or ‘doli’ which is worshipped. The origin of the name, Alopi (disappeared) Bagh lies in the Hindu belief that after the death of His Divine Consort Sati, Paramasiva travelled through the skies carrying her dead body. Lord Vishnu, to relieve him from this agony, threw his Chakra (discuss-like weapon) at Sati’s corpse, resulting in the falling of various parts of her body at various places in India, which were sanctified by the touch of the Goddess’ body parts and hence were deemed “Shakti Peethas” – holy places for pilgrimage to worship the Divine feminine energy. The last part fell at this location thereby named as “Alopi” (conclusion of the disappearance) and this place is considered the holiest of all places and the Goddess is known as “Alopishankari”.